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Paul Myres – RCGP Presidential Election
  • Royal College of General Practitioners

    Presidential Election

    2nd - 31st May

Personal Statement.

What we do is unique, valuable and worth fighting for.

The profession needs a strong unified College fighting for its members and the future of general practice.

As your President I would listen to your views and be your voice challenging the Officers and Executive of the College to deliver on this.


with effective communication; listening, and ensuring accountability to the membership


challenges to work load and recruitment throughout general practice


when times are difficult; providing those tools to make your working life easier, helping you provide the service you want to provide

Priorities & Aims.

Priority One

The College will listen and respond to you, and is accountable for the mandates you give it

Priority Two

The College will agree with you as what is a reasonable workload and that it becomes attainable for all GPs

Priority Three

The College will ensure GPs are valued for the fantastic work they do

Aim One

The college will support you when times are difficult

Aim Two

The College will provide you with the tools to make your working life easier and ensure education delivered in an accessible format

Aim Three

The college will give you value for your money


Extensive college experience, including numerous positions within RCGP Wales (including Chair), and the North Wales Faculty Board. Positions within RCGP UK Council over a number of years, and within a number of groups including patient practice, ethics and quality improvement.

I have enjoyed a portfolio career as a GP with jobs in occupational health, psychiatry, education, governance, board membership and public health.

I have experience of working with primary and secondary care colleagues in medicine, nursing and therapies, social services, LHB staff, Trust staff and civil servants. I have worked at strategic government level, regional and LHB level.

Get in touch.


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Testimonials & Endorsements.

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