Carey Lunan, Executive Officer for Interface RCGP Scotland

It is a privilege to nominate Paul Myers as candidate for RCGP President

I have known Paul for a number of years through our work on the RCGP Committee of Medical Ethics, and have always been struck by his wise and balanced approach to the many challenges facing our profession. He has a strong sense of advocacy for general practice, and its crucial role within a future sustainable NHS.

As past Chair of RCGP Wales, and through his subsequent roles in primary care development at a national level, his innovative and collaborative approach has championed for a proactive approach to the crisis facing general practice, with an emphasis on developing leadership, and supporting practitioner wellbing.

Paul manages to combine passion for high quality and safe patient care with a pragmatic approach; he leads the “Choosing Wisely” campaign in Wales, as part of the wider international movement towards meaningful shared-decision making with patients, to improve outcomes and increase safety and quality within the NHS, whilst reducing waste.

At this time of enormous change and uncertainty facing our profession, we need a voice that is strong, clear and consistent. The RCGP needs a President that has wisdom and experience, and an ability to see the bigger picture and represent the views of general practitioners across the whole of the UK.


Carey Lunan

Executive Officer for Interface

RCGP Scotland

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