Charlotte Jones, Chair GPC Wales

The role of the RCGP President is critical to the college. As elected leader of the college, not only is the President an ambassador for the RCGP, but the role requires an individual who is able to bring together sometimes quite differing opinions and perspectives across the UK (and beyond) to ensure the College remains not only relevant to its members and specialty trainees across the UK but of value to other organisations who utilise the professional expertise of the RCGP.

In my opinion, having a clear understanding of the unique way in which devolved nations differ with respect to challenges and opportunities is an important one for the President to have oversight of to ensure College activities are directed in the correct place and to give that broad perspective needed.

Therefore, I was delighted to see that Dr Paul Myres has put himself forward for the election. I know from personal experience that not only does he has the skills and personality to do this role with aplomb, but he also has vast experience and a proven track record of raising the profile of General Practice and is not afraid to take on daunting challenges. I wish Paul all the very best in the elections.


Charlotte Jones

Chair GPC Wales

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